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Nexito Plus Tablet


Nexito Plus Tablet is a combination of Clonazepam and Escitalopram, used to treat comorbid depression and anxiety disorder. Avoid alcohol and inform your doctor about any health issues or medications. Side effects may include nausea, headache, and changes in appetite. It works by calming the brain and increasing mood-improving chemicals. Take it at the same time daily, and complete the prescribed course. Side effects may include dizziness and sleepiness. Caution is advised while driving. Inform your doctor about liver disease and pregnancy status.

Prescription Required


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Clonazepam (0.5mg) + Escitalopram Oxalate (5mg)


Store below 30°C

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Nexito Plus Tablet is a medication comprising Clonazepam and Escitalopram, classified as antidepressants, primarily used to manage comorbid depression and anxiety disorder. This condition involves simultaneous experiences of anxiety and depression, characterized by persistent feelings of sadness, changes in sleep patterns, appetite, energy levels, and daily behavior, along with symptoms like nervousness, rapid heart rate, and heavy breathing.

It’s crucial to avoid alcohol while using Nexito Plus Tablet and refrain from its use if you have liver or heart diseases, acute narrow-angle glaucoma, or if you’re taking certain medications like MAO inhibitors. Before starting Nexito Plus Tablet, inform your doctor about any existing kidney, liver, or lung issues, epilepsy, low sodium levels, bleeding tendencies, or diabetes. Patients should be monitored for signs of suicidal thoughts or behaviors and seek immediate medical advice if any such signs arise.

Use Nexito Plus Tablet cautiously during pregnancy and breastfeeding, following your doctor’s advice. It’s not recommended for children and adolescents below 18 years and should be used carefully in elderly patients above 65 years.

Common side effects of Nexito Plus Tablet include nausea, headache, diarrhea, constipation, dry mouth, increased sweating, and changes in appetite. Inform your doctor if any of these symptoms worsen or persist.

Nexito Plus Tablet is prescribed to treat anxiety disorder, working by calming the brain through reducing abnormal nerve cell activity and increasing levels of a mood-improving chemical messenger. It can be taken with or without food, ideally at the same time daily, and it’s essential to complete the prescribed course, even if symptoms improve. There may be withdrawal symptoms if the medicine is stopped suddenly.

Delayed ejaculation, decreased sexual desire, nausea, memory loss, sadness, disorientation, vertigo, and drowsiness are possible side effects. Caution is advised while driving or engaging in activities requiring mental focus. Weight changes may also occur, with prevention strategies involving a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Please inform your doctor about liver disease or other medications affecting Nexito Plus Tablet’s efficacy or interactions. Notify your doctor if you’re pregnant, planning pregnancy, or breastfeeding.


  • Nexito Plus Tablet is indicated for the treatment of depression.
  • It is also prescribed for managing anxiety disorders like panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.
  • In certain instances, Nexito Plus may serve as a supplementary therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
  • Nexito Plus 5 MG tablet is a multipurpose medication utilized to address diverse mental health issues.
  • Prior consultation with a knowledgeable healthcare professional is crucial before initiating Nexito therapy.


  • Nexito Plus Tablet aids in alleviating symptoms associated with anxiety disorders by regulating the release of anxiety-inducing chemicals in the brain.
  • It diminishes feelings of excessive anxiety, worry, restlessness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, irritability, and sleep disturbances typically observed in Generalised Anxiety Disorder.
  • By mitigating these symptoms, the Nexito Plus Tablet facilitates improved performance in daily activities and enhances productivity.
  • It is imperative to continue the medication regimen as prescribed, even if symptoms improve, as abrupt cessation may lead to severe complications.


The instructions for using the Nexito Plus Tablet, specifically the Nexito Plus 5 MG variant, can vary depending on the treated condition and the prescribed regimen. It is crucial to adhere to the guidance provided by your healthcare professional or pharmacist.

  • The Nexito Plus Tablet should be ingested with a glass of water and can be taken with or without food.
  • Dosage instructions are contingent upon factors such as the specific condition being treated, the patient’s weight, overall health status, and age. Therefore, it is advisable to consult your healthcare provider for precise guidance regarding dosage, timing, and frequency of consumption.
  • The tablet should not be crushed, chewed, or broken; it must be swallowed whole.
  • Adherence to the prescribed dosage and duration is vital for optimal treatment outcomes.
  • Nexito Plus Tablet can be consumed with or without food, and its efficacy is maximized when taken consistently at the same time each day.


Nexito Plus Tablet, containing Clonazepam and Escitalopram, operates through a dual mechanism. Clonazepam, classified as a benzodiazepine, heightens the activity of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) in the central nervous system. This action reduces anxiety, induces relaxation, and aids sleep by enhancing inhibitory neurotransmission. Additionally, Clonazepam possesses anticonvulsant and muscle relaxant properties.

On the other hand, Escitalopram, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), targets serotonin reuptake inhibition. By selectively inhibiting serotonin reuptake, Escitalopram boosts serotonin levels in the brain. This elevation in serotonin levels regulates mood, appetite, and sleep, resulting in mood improvement, anxiety reduction, and alleviation of depressive symptoms.

Combining Clonazepam and Escitalopram in Nexito Plus Tablet effectively mitigates symptoms of anxiety and depression. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to monitor benzodiazepine usage, including Clonazepam, due to their potential for addiction and dependence.



  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Blocked or runny nose
  • Changes in appetite
  • Restlessness, anxiety, abnormal dreams
  • Sleep-related issues like difficulty falling asleep, feeling sleepy
  • Dizziness, tremors, yawning
  • Skin sensations like prickling
  • Digestive issues like diarrhea, constipation, vomiting
  • Dry mouth
  • Increased sweating
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, decreased libido
  • Fatigue, fever
  • Weight changes


  • Rash and itching
  • Teeth grinding, agitation, nervousness, panic attacks
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Taste disturbances
  • Fainting
  • Visual disturbances, ringing in the ears
  • Hair loss
  • Menstrual irregularities, vaginal bleeding
  • Swelling, nosebleeds
  • Fast heartbeat


  • Aggression, depersonalization, hallucinations
  • Slow heartbeat
  • Serious side effects necessitating immediate medical attention:
    • Suicidal thoughts or self-harm
    • Allergic reactions
    • Heart-related symptoms
    • Behavioral changes
    • Mental health issues
    • Seizures
    • Unusual bleeding
    • Serotonin syndrome
    • Liver problems
    • Difficulty urinating



  • Take Nexito Plus Tablet with or after meals.
  • Stick to simple meals.
  • Avoid rich or spicy foods.
  • Consult your doctor if the nausea persists.


  • Rest and stay hydrated.
  • Take small sips of fluids.
  • Seek medical advice if vomiting persists or worsens.


  • Lie or sit down when feeling dizzy.
  • Avoid driving or operating machinery.
  • Discuss worsening dizziness with your doctor.

Dry Mouth:

  • Chew sugar-free gum or suck on sugar-free candies.
  • Sip water regularly.
  • Avoid alcohol-containing mouthwashes.
  • Seek medical advice if dry mouth persists.

Loss of Appetite:

  • Eat when hungry.
  • Consume nutritious snacks.
  • Consult your doctor if appetite loss persists.


  • Increase fiber intake.
  • Stay hydrated and exercise regularly.
  • Seek medical advice if constipation persists.


  • Rest in a quiet, dark room.
  • Apply a pain-relieving balm.
  • Consult your doctor if the headache persists.


  • Stay hydrated with water or fruit juice.
  • Do not self-medicate.
  • Seek medical advice if diarrhea persists.


Daily Dose:

  • The recommended daily dosage of Nexito Plus Tablet may vary depending on the individual’s condition and treatment response.
  • The initial dose is 10 mg once daily, with or without food.
  • Dosage adjustments may be made by the healthcare provider based on the patient’s response, at most 20 mg per day.
  • Maintain a consistent dosing schedule by taking the medication simultaneously each day.


  • Exceeding the recommended dosage of Nexito Plus Tablet can result in serious, potentially life-threatening consequences.
  • Overdose symptoms may include dizziness, confusion, nausea, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, seizures, and coma.
  • In the event of an overdose, get medical help right away.

Missed Dose:

  • If a dose is missed, take it as soon as possible unless it’s almost time for the next scheduled dose.
  • Do not double up on doses to compensate for a missed one.
  • Resume the regular dosing schedule and consult with a healthcare provider if needed.


  • Store the medication in an excellent, dry location.
  • Keep it protected from direct heat, sunlight, and moisture.
  • Ensure it is inaccessible to children and pets.
  • Refrain from using the medication after the expiration date indicated on the packaging.


  • Nexito Plus Tablet is prescribed to treat anxiety disorder.
  • Be patient with the medication; it may take a few weeks to notice its full benefits. Take it as prescribed, even if you don’t see immediate improvement.
  • Notify your doctor right away if you have any suicidal or depressing thoughts.
  • Discuss any concerns about low sexual desire with your doctor if you encounter this side effect.


Interactions of Nexito Plus Tablet:

Drug-Drug Interactions:

Nexito Plus Tablet may interact with various medications, including:

  • Opioids or strong painkillers
  • Sedatives
  • Anti-arrhythmic drugs
  • Antibiotics
  • Antianxiety drugs
  • Monoamine oxidase inhibitors

To prevent potential drug interactions, you must tell your doctor about every medicine you use. Some specific drugs to mention include those used to manage depression, Parkinson’s disease, pain, stomach problems, heart diseases, blood clots, infections, allergies, and those that affect potassium and magnesium levels.

Drug-Disease Interactions:

Caution is advised when using Nexito Plus Tablet in patients with the following conditions:

  • Seizures
  • Liver diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Schizophrenia
  • Sleep disorders
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Heart diseases

A thorough discussion with your healthcare provider is essential to manage potential interactions effectively and ensure the safe and effective use of the Nexito Plus Tablet. If accidental overdosage occurs, seek immediate medical attention to address symptoms like excessive sleepiness, confusion, dizziness, and tremors.



  • Consult your doctor before using Nexito Plus Tablet during pregnancy.


  • Seek medical advice before using Nexito Plus Tablet while breastfeeding.

Driving & Machinery:

  • Avoid driving or using machinery if impaired.


  • Avoid alcohol consumption while on Nexito Plus Tablet.


  • Use Nexito Plus Tablet cautiously with kidney disease.


  • Consult your doctor before using Nexito Plus Tablet with liver disease.


  • Avoid Nexito Plus Tablet if you are allergic to its ingredients.

Heart Disease:

  • Use Nexito Plus Tablet cautiously with heart conditions.

Other Conditions:

  • Avoid Nexito Plus Tablet for certain eye conditions and substance abuse history.
  • Inform your doctor of epilepsy, diabetes, mood disorders, and other conditions before taking Nexito Plus Tablet.

Pediatrics & Geriatrics:

  • Consult a doctor before giving Nexito Plus Tablet to children or elderly patients.


Q: Is it possible to use the Nexito Plus Tablet with kids?

– Nexito Plus Tablet is not recommended in children and adolescents (18 years of age and below). Consult your child’s doctor before giving Nexito Plus Tablet to your child.

Q: Can Nexito Plus Tablet be used in patients with liver problems?

– Nexito Plus Tablet is not recommended for patients with significant liver disease and should be used cautiously for other liver diseases. Consult your doctor before taking Nexito Plus Tablet.

Q: Can I quit using the Nexito Plus Tablet by myself? 

– No, you should only stop taking Nexito Plus Tablet once unless your doctor advises you. Abrupt discontinuation may cause various withdrawal symptoms. Always consult your doctor before making any changes to your medication.

Q: Is Nexito Plus Tablet habit-forming?

– Nexito Plus Tablet is generally considered non-habit-forming when taken as prescribed. However, it may cause physical dependence in some cases. Discuss any concerns with your doctor.

Q: How should I remember to take a dose of Nexito Plus Tablet?

– Take the missed dose as soon as you remember it if you miss it. On the other hand, if the next dose is almost due, skip the one you missed and carry on as usual. Never take two doses to make up for one that you missed.

Q: Is Nexito Plus Tablet safe during pregnancy?

– Nexito Plus Tablet should only be used in pregnant women if necessary and under the guidance of a doctor, as it may cause adverse effects on the fetus.

Q: Can Nexito Plus Tablet cause allergies? 

– Do not take Nexito Plus Tablet if you are allergic to its components. If you encounter any allergic reactions, always seek medical advice.

Q: What precautions should be taken while using Nexito Plus Tablet? 

– Before taking the Nexito Plus Tablet, inform your doctor about any existing health conditions, including liver disease, kidney disease, epilepsy, diabetes, and mood disorders, among others.

Q: Who should not take the Nexito Plus Tablet?

– Nexito Plus Tablet is not recommended for individuals with significant liver disease, abnormal heart rhythm, acute narrow-angle glaucoma, or a history of alcohol or drug abuse.

Q: Can Nexito Plus Tablet cause nausea?

– Yes, Nexito Plus Tablet may cause nausea. It’s advisable to follow simple dietary measures and consult your doctor if the symptom persists.

Q: How does the Nexito Plus Tablet work?

– Nexito Plus Tablet contains Clonazepam and Escitalopram, which work by altering the levels of certain neurotransmitters in the brain, thereby improving mood and reducing anxiety.

Q: How should Nexito Plus Tablet be taken?

– Take Nexito Plus Tablet as prescribed by your physician. Do not chew or crush the tablet; swallow it whole with water. Your doctor will determine the appropriate dosage and duration based on your condition.

Q: How can I Buy or order a Nexito Plus Tablet from Aum Pharmacy?

– To buy or order Nexito Plus Tablet  from Aum Pharmacy, follow these simple steps:

  • Search for the product: Visit Aum Pharmacy’s website and search for Nexito Plus Tablet.
  • Add to cart: Once you find the product, add it.
  • Proceed to checkout: Check your cart and continue to the payment page.
  • Prescription required: Make sure you have a current prescription, as some purchases could need it.
  • Complete your purchase: Complete the required fields to finish your order.

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