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OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer


OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer with 10 Free Strips Black

Lifescan Medical Devices India Private Limited

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Make a Simple Choice’ by using OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer to monitor your blood glucose. It’s so Simple, it’s Advanced!

LifeScan is a world leader in blood glucose monitoring – globally more than 20 million people depend on our iconic OneTouch® brand products to help them manage their diabetes. Visit to know more about our Vision and Mission

Simple to use – No set-up, No buttons, No coding

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OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer

The OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer is a  a device used by individuals with diabetes to measure their blood glucose levels. This particular model comes in black and is designed to be user-friendly and easy to operate. It is equipped with a simple interface and requires minimal setup, making it convenient for users who may be new to blood glucose monitoring or prefer a straightforward device.

Additionally, this glucometer typically comes with 10 free test strips included in the package, allowing users to begin monitoring their blood glucose levels right away without the immediate need to purchase additional strips separately. These test strips are used in conjunction with the glucometer to accurately measure blood sugar levels.

Overall, the OneTouch Select Plus Simple Glucometer in black aims to provide a reliable and uncomplicated method for individuals with diabetes to monitor and manage their blood glucose levels effectively.

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