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Primolut N Tablet


Primolut-N Tablet, containing Norethisterone, manages menstrual issues like heavy, painful, or irregular periods, PMS, and endometriosis. It can also treat breast cancer. Adhere to the doctor’s instructions. Side effects like vaginal bleeding, dizziness, and nausea may occur but often resolve without intervention. Not for pregnant or breastfeeding individuals. Use non-hormonal contraceptives. Take daily with or without food as prescribed. Inform your doctor about medical conditions and medications. Watch for severe side effects like jaundice or migraines. This medication can affect certain test results.

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Zydus Cadila


Norethisterone (5mg)


Store below 30°C

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Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), endometriosis—a disorder marked by the growth of uterine tissue outside the uterus—and heavy, painful, or irregular periods are among the menstrual problems that Primolut-N Tablet is intended to treat. It may also be prescribed in the treatment of breast cancer. This medication contains Norethisterone, which functions by imitating the actions of the natural hormone progesterone, thus helping regulate the growth and shedding of the uterine lining.

When taking Primolut-N Tablet, it’s crucial to adhere to your doctor’s instructions. It is possible for side effects to include constipation, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, unexpected vaginal bleeding, dizziness, dry mouth, breast soreness, and tenderness. Nevertheless, they usually pass with time and don’t require medical attention. It is advisable to visit your physician if these adverse effects intensify or persist.

Primolut-N Tablet isn’t recommended for pregnant individuals due to potential harm to the fetus. If you’re breastfeeding, it’s essential to consult your doctor before use. Effective non-hormonal contraceptives, like condoms, should be used to prevent pregnancy while taking Primolut-N Tablet. Ceasing smoking during treatment is advisable to reduce potential risks.

Dosage instructions typically involve taking Primolut-N Tablet at the same time each day, with or without food, as directed by your doctor. The duration of treatment is determined by your particular medical condition and the advice of your physician. Headache, nausea, abdominal pain, vaginal spotting, hair loss, and breast tenderness are common adverse effects. If these side effects are severe or annoying, let your doctor know. Discontinue use and notify your doctor if you experience jaundice, migraines, or changes in sensory perception. It’s crucial to inform your doctor about any existing medical conditions, pregnancy or breastfeeding status, and all other medications you’re taking, as they may interact with Primolut-N Tablet. Additionally, this medication can influence the results of certain blood and urine tests, so informing any healthcare provider about its usage is essential.


  • Heavy, painful, or irregular periods
  • Increased frequency of periods
  • Premenstrual tension
  • Endometriosis (uterine tissue growing outside the uterus)
  • Breast cancer
  • Metropathia
  • Intermenstrual bleeding (haemorrhagia)
  • Abnormal uterine bleeding
  • To delay the onset of the next menstrual cycle.


  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Treatment: It mimics progesterone’s effects and may alleviate PMS symptoms like mood swings, anxiety, fatigue, bloating, breast tenderness, and headaches. Lifestyle adjustments such as exercise, a balanced diet, sufficient sleep, and relaxation techniques can complement its effectiveness.
  • Menstrual Pain Relief: Primolut-N Tablet, a synthetic hormone akin to progesterone, mitigates period pain by counteracting estrogen’s effects. Additional painkillers like NSAIDs may be recommended for rapid relief.
  • Management of Heavy Menstrual Bleeding: Emulating progesterone slows the womb lining’s growth before menstruation, thereby reducing bleeding. Lifestyle modifications such as relaxation techniques, yoga, and moderate exercise can further aid in managing heavy periods.
  • Endometriosis Treatment: Primolut-N Tablet curtails the rapid growth of the womb lining and endometriosis tissue, alleviating symptoms like lower abdominal or back pain, painful periods, discomfort during intercourse, digestive issues, and nausea. Regular intake is essential for effectiveness, and additional treatments or procedures may be necessary for comprehensive endometriosis management.


Common Side Effects:

  1. Irregular bleeding or heavy menstruation
  2. Spotting between menstrual cycles
  3. Delayed or absence of menstrual cycle
  4. Stomach discomfort, nausea, vomiting
  5. Breast tenderness
  6. Headache and dizziness

Rare Side Effects (Seek Immediate Medical Attention):

  1. Jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes)
  2. First-time migraine headache, typically one-sided
  3. High blood pressure
  4. Severe allergic reactions: itchy skin rash, swelling of face or tongue, wheezing, difficulty breathing, fainting
  5. Symptoms of pulmonary embolism (blood clot in lungs): sudden severe chest pain, coughing up blood, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeats
  6. Symptoms of stroke (blood clot in the brain): severe or prolonged headache, vision changes, difficulty speaking, collapse or fainting, weakness or paralysis of any body part
  7. Symptoms of deep vein thrombosis: severe pain, tenderness, swelling in calf, ankle, or foot, purplish discoloration of leg skin, redness or warmth in the affected area


Nausea and Vomiting:

  • Take the medication with or just after eating.
  • Stick to simple, bland meals and avoid oily or spicy foods.
  • If nausea and vomiting worsen, contact your doctor.


  • Rest and relax.
  • Use a pain-relief balm on your forehead if necessary.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption.
  • If the headache persists, consult your doctor.


  • Rest and ensure you get enough sleep.
  • If you have dizziness, stay away from tasks like operating machinery or driving.
  • Alcohol can make you feel more lightheaded, so avoid drinking it.
  • Contact your doctor if dizziness becomes more severe.

Stomach Pain:

  • Rest and try to relax.
  • Eat small, frequent meals.
  • For relief, use a heating pad on your stomach
  • If stomach pain persists, consult your doctor.



  • Avoid using PRIMOLUT N TABLET during pregnancy.
  • Caution is advised if you’ve experienced specific pregnancy-related conditions like idiopathic jaundice or pemphigoid gestationis. Use with caution if you have a history of repeated miscarriages. Consult your doctor before taking PRIMOLUT N TABLET.


  • Use PRIMOLUT N TABLET with caution during breastfeeding due to potential passage through breast milk. Consult your doctor before use.

Driving and Machine Operation:

  • PRIMOLUT N TABLET does not impair driving or machine operation abilities.

Kidney and Liver Conditions:

  • Use PRIMOLUT N TABLET cautiously if you have kidney or liver disease. Consult your doctor before use.


  • Avoid PRIMOLUT N TABLET if allergic to norethisterone or similar hormone medications.

Lung and Heart Conditions:

  • Avoid PRIMOLUT N TABLET if you’ve had a pulmonary embolism or active/recent angina or heart attack. Use with caution in asthma patients. Consult your doctor before use.

Other Conditions:

  • Avoid PRIMOLUT N TABLET if you have blood or clotting disorders, pruritus, undiagnosed vaginal bleeding, epilepsy, migraine, obesity, systemic lupus erythematosus, blood clots in veins, immobility for long periods, serious injury, or are undergoing major surgery (particularly abdominal or lower limb orthopedic surgery).
  • Inform your doctor if you’re undergoing blood tests or have vision impairments, depression, or other concerns before taking PRIMOLUT N TABLET.


  • Take Primolut N tablet daily at the same time.
  • Only change the dosage or stop after consulting your doctor.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions precisely.
  • Swallow the tablet whole with water.
  • It can be taken with or without food; however, taking it at the same time every day is advised.
  • Never break, chew, or crush the tablet.


Primolut-N Tablet is a synthetic progestin that mirrors the actions of natural progesterone, a female hormone. The regulation of uterine lining growth and shedding is an effective strategy for managing irregular menstruation.

It operates by hindering the release of pituitary hormones responsible for releasing female hormones like estrogen and progesterone, thereby suppressing ovulation. This action alters the endometrium lining, ultimately halting bleeding in menstrual abnormalities and cancer. Additionally, Primolut-N Tablet may inhibit pituitary function or directly affect tumor deposits.

The progesterone within this medication functions akin to naturally occurring progesterone, regulating the normal functions of the uterus.


  • Store the tablets below 25°C.
  • Please keep them in their original packaging to safeguard against light and moisture.
  • Ensure they are stored in a place inaccessible to children and pets.


  • Administer Primolut N pills orally with water, as directed by a healthcare provider, based on your individual condition. Remember to follow the recommended dosage and time frame.
  • Primolut N is commonly used to address menstrual irregularities, endometriosis, and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) due to its active ingredient, norethisterone, which mimics progesterone’s action to regulate the menstrual cycle and alleviates related symptoms.
  • It works by preventing excessive growth of the uterine lining and promoting regular shedding during menstruation.
  • When used to delay periods, initiate Primolut N a few days before the expected menstruation and continue as directed by your healthcare provider.
  • Avoid prolonged use; adhere strictly to the duration recommended by your doctor.
  • Use non-hormonal contraception methods, such as condoms, to prevent pregnancy while taking Primolut N.
  • To reduce the possibility of adverse effects, including headaches, bloating, and weight gain, abide by the suggested dosage.
  • As Primolut N is a hormone replacement therapy, refrain from breastfeeding while using it and keep it inaccessible to children.



  • If you suspect overdosing, get medical help as soon as possible by contacting your physician or visiting the nearest hospital.

Missed Dose:

  • Take the Primolut N tablet as soon as you remember if you neglect to take it. On the other hand, Follow your regular dosage schedule and skip the missed dose if your next one is almost due.
  • Never take two doses to compensate for a missing dosage.


Drug Warnings

  • Tell your doctor if you have an allergy to Primolut-N Tablet or any other drug. This medication is not recommended for pregnant women as it may harm the unborn baby. Before using Primolut-N Tablet, check with your doctor if you are breastfeeding. While taking this drug, it is recommended to use non-hormonal contraceptives that are effective, like condoms, to avoid pregnancy. Smoking is discouraged during the treatment as it can increase the risk of adverse effects. If you are scheduled for surgery, notify your doctor that you are taking Primolut-N Tablet, as it may enhance the effects of certain anesthetics. If you become breathless out of the blue, feel your heart racing, have excruciating chest pain, or start coughing up blood, stop taking the drug and get help right away since these symptoms could be signs of blood clot in the lungs.

Drug Interactions

Drug-Drug Interactions: Primolut-N Tablet can interact with anticonvulsants (such as carbamazepine and phenytoin), antiviral medications (like nelfinavir and ritonavir), the Cushing’s syndrome treatment aminoglutethimide, antibiotics (including co-trimoxazole, rifampicin, and tetracycline), and the immunosuppressant ciclosporin.

Drug-Food Interaction: Avoid taking St. John’s wort (a herbal remedy for depression) while on Primolut-N Tablet. Also, limit grapefruit juice intake, as it can elevate the levels of Primolut-N Tablet in your bloodstream.

Drug-Disease Interactions: Do not take Primolut-N Tablet if you have conditions such as unexplained vaginal bleeding, blood clots, severe itching, porphyria (a blood disorder), liver problems, angina, a history of heart attack, jaundice, or pemphigoid gestationis (a blistering rash). Inform your doctor if you have asthma, migraines, epilepsy (seizures), kidney, or heart problems before starting this medication.


Habit Forming: No.

Diet & Lifestyle Advice

  • Avoid fried and processed foods.
  • Include foods high in fiber into your diet, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains
  • Avoid refined carbohydrates and high-sugar foods.
  • Opt for vegetable protein sources like nuts, seeds, and beans instead of animal proteins (eggs, fish, meat).
  • Limit alcohol and caffeinated drinks as they can exacerbate symptoms.
  • Keep a healthy weight and make moderate exercise a regular part of your routine.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption.

Special Advice

Primolut N Tablet may affect the results of certain laboratory tests. Before conducting any testing, let your doctor know that you are taking this drug.


Q: Does Primolut-N Tablet reset your cycle?

– Yes, Primolut-N Tablet may help reset your menstrual cycle. It is typically prescribed for about 10 days to manage heavy periods, with menstruation usually resuming within 3 days after stopping the medication. Your cycle may normalize after 3-4 cycles.

Q: Can you bleed while taking Primolut-N Tablet?

– Yes, Primolut-N Tablet can cause breakthrough bleeding or spotting, especially if not taken as prescribed. According to your physician’s advice, it is essential if you want to reduce this risk.

Q: How quickly does Primolut-N Tablet stop bleeding?

– Primolut-N Tablet is usually prescribed three times a day for 10 days to manage heavy periods, typically stopping the bleeding within 48 hours. If bleeding persists, consult your doctor.

Q: Can I get pregnant while taking Primolut-N Tablet?

– Yes, Primolut-N Tablet is not a contraceptive. It would help if you used effective contraception while taking this medication to prevent pregnancy.

Q: For how long do I need to take Primolut-N Tablet?

– The duration depends on the condition being treated. For endometriosis, it may be taken daily for 6 to 9 months. To induce a normal cycle in women who have stopped menstruating, it is taken daily for 5 to 10 days during the second half of the menstrual cycle. Follow your doctor’s instructions precisely.

Q: What is Primolut-N Tablet used for?

– Primolut-N Tablet treats various menstrual problems, such as heavy, painful, or irregular periods, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and endometriosis. It is also used to delay periods. Consult your doctor before starting this medication.

Q: What dosage should I take, and how should I take the Primolut-N tablet?

– Take Primolut-N Tablet exactly as prescribed by your doctor, typically at the same time each day, to maintain consistent medication levels in your body.

Q: What if I need to remember to take Primolut-N Tablet?

– Take the missed dose as soon as you remember, then continue with your next dose at the usual time. Do not double up on doses. Frequent missed doses may lead to breakthrough bleeding or spotting, so consult your doctor if this occurs.

Q: Does Primolut-N Tablet cause miscarriage?

– No, Primolut-N Tablet has not been reported to cause miscarriage. However, it is not recommended during pregnancy. Consult your doctor for advice.

Q: What is the use of Primolut-N Tablet?

– Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), endometriosis, and heavy, painful, or irregular periods are treated with Primolut-N Tablet. It may also be used in the treatment of breast cancer.

Q: How does the Primolut-N Tablet work?

– Primolut-N Tablet contains norethisterone, a synthetic hormone that mimics progesterone, regulating hormone levels and the menstrual cycle.

Q: Is Primolut-N Tablet used to delay menstrual periods?

– Yes, Primolut-N Tablet can delay periods by maintaining high progesterone levels to prevent shedding of the womb lining. Before using it for this purpose, please speak with your physician.

Q: Does Primolut-N Tablet increase the risk of blood clots?

– Yes, it may increase the risk of blood clots, particularly in individuals who are overweight, smoke, or have a history of blood clots, miscarriage, major surgery, injury, or systemic lupus erythematosus. Inform your doctor if you have any of these conditions before taking Primolut-N Tablet.

Q: Can I take Primolut-N Tablet with rifampicin?

– No, taking Primolut-N Tablet with rifampicin is not recommended as it may reduce the medication’s effectiveness. Always consult your doctor before combining medications.

Q: When will periods resume after stopping Primolut-N Tablet?

– Periods typically resume within 3 days of stopping the medication. Consult your doctor if you have any concerns.

Q: Does Primolut-N Tablet affect blood sugar levels?

– Primolut-N Tablet may affect blood sugar levels. If you have diabetes, make sure to frequently check your blood sugar and let your doctor know before beginning any new medicine.

Q: How is the Primolut N tablet used to postpone menstruation?

– Start taking Primolut-N a few days before your expected period, and follow your doctor’s dosage instructions carefully. Continue until your doctor advises you to stop.

Q: Is it possible to delay my menstruation with the Primolut N tablet?

– Yes, but only under the guidance of a doctor.

Q: Is Primolut N a contraceptive?

– No, Primolut N is not a contraceptive. Consult your doctor for suitable contraceptive options.

Q: How does the Primolut N tablet work?

– Primolut N contains norethisterone, a synthetic form of progesterone, which helps regulate menstrual cycle functions.

Q: Can Primolut N tablet cause weight loss?

– Weight changes can occur with Primolut N, but this varies among individuals.

Q: Can I take the medicine twice a day?

– Follow your doctor’s prescription for the dosage and duration.

Q: Can Primolut N tablet cause miscarriage?

– Primolut N should be avoided during pregnancy. Consult your doctor for detailed information.

Q: When can I take the Primolut N tablet before a meal or after a meal?

– Primolut N can be taken before or after a meal, but it is important to take it at the same time each day.

Q: What is Primolut N used for?

– Primolut N treats menstrual problems such as painful, irregular periods and premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Q: Is Primolut N a steroid?

– Yes, Primolut N is a steroidal medication containing norethisterone.

Q: When should I take the Primolut N?

– Take Primolut N exactly as prescribed by your doctor.

Q: Can Primolut N tablets prevent pregnancy?

– No, Primolut N does not prevent pregnancy. Consult your doctor for contraceptive advice.

Q: Does Primolut N stop periods?

– Primolut N is not specifically used to stop periods but may help manage menstrual disorders. Consult your doctor for proper guidance.

Q: Is there any side effect of Primolut N?

– Common side effects include breast tenderness, headaches, nausea, indigestion, and unusual vaginal bleeding. Consult your doctor if symptoms worsen.

Q: Who should not take Primolut N?

– Primolut N is not recommended for those with a history of jaundice, breast cancer, blood clotting disorders, or certain heart conditions. Consult your doctor before use.

Q: Is pregnancy possible while taking Primolut N?

– Yes, pregnancy is possible while taking Primolut N. It is not a contraceptive.

Q: Does Primolut N have side effects?

– Yes, potential side effects include headache, nausea, and spotting. See your physician if you have any worrying symptoms.

Q: Does Primolut N cause weight gain?

– Weight changes can occur with Primolut N and vary among individuals. Inform your doctor if you experience significant weight changes.

Q: How does Primolut N work?

– Primolut N contains norethisterone, which acts similarly to natural progesterone to help regulate menstrual cycle functions.

Q: Can Primolut N stop periods once they start?

– No, it does not stop periods once started, but it can help manage menstrual disorders.

Q: Does Primolut N cause acne?

– Acne may occur as a side effect but usually resolves over time.

Q: Can Primolut N cause cramps?

– Yes, stomach cramps and pain are possible side effects. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist.

Q: What happens if we suddenly stop Primolut N?

– Stopping suddenly can cause withdrawal bleeding within 2-4 days. Follow your doctor’s instructions for discontinuation.

Q: Does Primolut N increase the risks of blood clots?

– Yes, it may increase the risk of blood clots. Inform your doctor if you have a history of blood-related disorders.

Q: Are Norlut N vs Primolut N the same?

– Both contain norethisterone and treat similar menstrual and gynecological disorders. Always follow your doctor’s advice.

Q: How do Primolut N vs Duphaston differ?

– Primolut N contains norethisterone, while Duphaston contains dydrogesterone. They treat different conditions, so consult your doctor for appropriate use.

Q: What are the differences between Primolut and Deviry?

– Primolut N contains norethisterone, while Deviry contains medroxyprogesterone. Both are used for menstrual disorders but have different active ingredients. Follow your doctor’s guidance.

Q: What should you avoid when taking Primolut N?

– Avoid sun exposure if prone to chloasma, and monitor for depression. Before beginning therapy, let your doctor know about all of your medical conditions.

Q: How can I Buy or order Primolut N Tablet from Aum Pharmacy?

– To buy or order Primolut N Tablet from Aum Pharmacy, follow these simple steps:

  • Search for the product: Visit Aum Pharmacy’s website and search for Primolut N Tablet.
  • Add to cart: Once you find the product, add it to your cart.
  • Proceed to checkout: Review your cart and proceed to checkout.
  • Prescription required: Ensure you have a valid prescription, as it may be required for purchase.
  • Complete your purchase: Complete the required fields to finish your order.

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