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Sugar Free Green Stevia for Calorie Conscious Pellets


Sugar Free Green Stevia for Calorie Conscious Pellets

Zydus Wellness Product Ltd

Pack Size – 300 pellets

Product highlights

Sweetener made from 1% natural stevia leaves

Sweet, just like sugar, but with no calories from sugar

Can be used for a variety of hot and cold beverages

Safe for the entire family to consume, including kids

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Sugar Free Green Stevia for Calorie Conscious Pellets

Sugar Free Green Stevia in pellet form is a zero-calorie sweetener that utilizes the natural sweetening properties of the stevia plant. Stevia is a plant native to South America, and its leaves contain compounds known as steviol glycosides, which impart a sweet taste without adding calories. These steviol glycosides are extracted and processed to create a concentrated sweetener, which is often used as a sugar substitute.

The pellets make it convenient to portion and use in various beverages and foods. They provide sweetness without the calorie content of regular sugar, making them a suitable choice for individuals who are conscious of their calorie intake or those looking to reduce sugar consumption for health or dietary reasons.

Stevia is known for being significantly sweeter than sugar, so only a small amount of the sweetener is required to achieve the desired level of sweetness in drinks, such as tea or coffee, or when used in recipes for baking or cooking.

It’s often marketed as a natural alternative to artificial sweeteners and sugar due to its plant-based origin. Furthermore, stevia has little to no impact on blood sugar levels, making it an attractive option for people managing diabetes or those on low-carb diets.

It’s important to note that while stevia is generally considered safe for most people when consumed in reasonable amounts, some individuals may experience an aftertaste or digestive discomfort. As with any dietary change or new product, moderation and individual tolerance should be considered. Consulting a healthcare professional can be beneficial, especially for those with specific health concerns or conditions before incorporating stevia into their diet.


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