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Sugar Free Natura Low Calorie Sucralose Sweetener Pellets


Sugar Free Natura Low Calorie Sucralose Sweetener Pellets

Zydus Wellness Product Ltd

Pack Size

500 pellets

Product highlights

It is an ideal sugar substitute for weight-watchers and diabetics

Made with sucralose, a derivative of sugar, Sugar-Free Natura tastes like sugar but has lesser calories

Sucralose is a highly heat-stable compound making it preserve its sweetness despite being used in cooking and baking

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Sugar Free Natura Low Calorie Sucralose Sweetener Pellets

Sugar Free Natura Low Calorie Sucralose Sweetener Pellets are a type of sugar substitute designed to offer sweetness without the calories associated with regular sugar. These pellets contain sucralose, a synthetic sweetener made from sugar, but it undergoes a process that replaces certain atoms, rendering it much sweeter than sugar and without the calories.

Key features of Sugar Free Natura Low Calorie Sucralose Sweetener Pellets:

  1. Sucralose: The main sweetening ingredient in these pellets is sucralose. It is known for its high sweetness level without contributing any significant calories or carbohydrates to the diet.
  2. Low Calorie: As a sugar substitute, sucralose has a negligible effect on caloric intake, making it suitable for individuals looking to reduce their calorie intake or manage weight.
  3. Convenience: The pellets form allows for easy and precise portion control. Users can add the pellets to beverages or recipes according to their desired sweetness level.
  4. Diabetes-friendly: Since sucralose does not significantly impact blood sugar levels, it can be a suitable option for individuals with diabetes who need to monitor their blood glucose levels.
  5. Versatility: These sweetener pellets can be used in a variety of hot and cold beverages, such as coffee, tea, or even in cooking and baking to replace sugar.
  6. Taste: Sucralose is often considered to have a taste profile similar to sugar, with minimal to no aftertaste, providing sweetness without the added calories.

It’s important to note that while artificial sweeteners like sucralose are generally considered safe for consumption, moderation is recommended. Some individuals may experience sensitivities or have personal preferences regarding taste, so it’s advisable to try small amounts first to determine personal suitability and taste preferences. Additionally, always follow the recommended usage guidelines provided by the manufacturer.


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